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Wholehearted: Online Worship Sunday January 24th 2021
Guideposts for Faithful Living: Cultivating Calm and Stillness

Join us for worship on Sunday January 24th - we return to our worship series "Wholehearted: Guideposts for Faithful Living" Click on the video above to go to our YouTube channel. We chat live during the service - to connect and share joys, concerns and prayers. And afterwards we invite you to jump into our zoom "coffee" after service gathering. 

Star Words

A tradition in several of our congregations is to do something at Epiphany each year called Star words or Star gifts. The word is an invitation to pay attention to how God is living in your life through that word all year long. As we can’t pass you paper stars in person, we have come up with an electronic system to select your Star word/gift.  Click the button below "Random Number Generator" to get a number between 1 and 184 - or think of a number, and then click on the second button "List of Star Words" for the star words/gifts page with all the details!


Random Number Generator List of Star Words

Christmas Eve Worship - 7PM December 24

This year we are throwing open our virtual doors and welcome all to join us for our online Christmas Eve service -it goes live at 7pm on Christmas Eve

12 Songs of Christmas Concert

Join the Von Trapped family Diane, Sam and Tony for an uplifting Christmas concert featuring songs requested by the congregation, as well as a zoom pageant and story telling and a recording of Sacred Bronze Handbell choir from a previous concert.

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