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The GEUC Affirming Team moves that:

1:  That the congregation of GEUC approve the inclusive vision statement

2:  That the congregation of GEUC become an  Affirming Congregation. 

3:  That the congregation of GEUC commit to commit to an annual Affirm United institutional membership of $100.00.  

4:   That the congregation of GEUC approve the continuing Action Plan.


Continuing Plan of Action for our AU MinistryHost ongoing education events/workshops at congregational/ community/regional AU and other LGBTTQ+ events including SpiritPrideContinuing our relationships with THSS Fruit Salad Organiztion, which hosts a public forum called Voices Carry and the PLEA Society which sponsors our local Pride PicnicCelebrate being recognized by Affirm United with a Worship Service and an annual acknowledgement of our relationshipPastoral support of the LGBTTQ+ communityContinue building Affirming Library and updating our Church AU bulletin board (Lauren has offered to donate resources) and maintain AU and LGBTTQ+ section on our church website

Proposed Golden Ears United Church Affirming Statement
At Golden Ears United Church, we celebrate and affirm the wonderful diversity of people created in God’s image and we truly welcome all. We believe that we grow more Christ-like as a community the more diverse we are.
We offer a welcome to you whether you are single, partnered, married, divorced, or widowed. We appreciate people of all ages and stages from babies to elders.
We believe that God created a rainbow spectrum of sexual orientations and gender identities. All are welcome here – cisgender, transgender or two spirited, whether you are straight, lesbian, gay, queer, bisexual, or asexual – and are encouraged to participate fully in the life of the church. 
We welcome you regardless of where you came from, or where you now live, no matter your race, ethnicity, skin-colour or national origin, your social location or economic circumstance. 
We won’t judge you by the size of your wallet or by what you are wearing, whether you are pierced and tattooed, or if you prefer pearls and a twinset.
We welcome and value the gifts and ministry of people of differing abilities. Wherever you are on your faith journey, you are welcome to walk with us as we walk with Christ and grow in our own faith, opening our doors, minds and hearts to you and each other.