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With thanks to the folks at Illustrated Children's Ministry, here is an Epiphany Star you can cut out, colour and decorate for Epiphany. The star can be downloaded and printed from the link below.

Materials to gather up:

• Epiphany star print out
• markers/crayons/colored pencils
• scissors
• tape
• glue
• a stick/straw/dowel/popsicle stick/etc.
• Color and cut out both sides of the star.
• If you want to add embellishments, tape some ribbon to the back side of one of your stars or to
the stick.
• Tape a stick (or a straw, dowel, popsicle stick, etc.) to the back side of one of your stars and glue
the back sides of both stars together.

 Read the story of the Magi traveling to meet baby Jesus, found in Matthew 2:1–12 together.