Sunday Worship

Our Sunday morning worship gathering begins at 10:00am in the Worship space. Individuals, couples and families are invited to gather together in the worship space for a time of music, prayer and discussion. About 20 minutes into the worship time, any children who are interested are welcome to join with loving teachers for Children’s Church. (Children who would prefer to remain with their families are quite welcome to remain in the worship space!) The church is wheelchair accessible and there is a “hearing assist” system in place. We’re hoping that any and all people will feel welcome.

In the front entry there’s a coffee pot, hot chocolate and name tags – people are welcome to pick up what they’d like and head into the worship space.

Our music is quite varied. At times we sing “traditional” hymns of the church, other times we sing newer worship music – much of it with a world beat. Our ministers works to include music from contemporary pop and indie musicians in our worship times, as well. People are welcome to sing if they want to, or simply relax and listen to the lyrics and music around them. Lyrics are printed on a screen at the front of the church, with printed scores available for people who find it helpful to have the music in their hands.

Worship is lead by members of the congregation and our minister of Word – Leenane Shiels. When it comes to exploring scripture in a contemporary context, she works to connect our heads and our hearts with God, through storytelling and drama that invites the congregation to dive deep into the texts… and to have fun in the journey. As people come into worship, they’re given an announcement sheet that includes space to jot down notes, questions or comments about what they are hearing and experiencing. After the worship service, people are invited to find the minister and chat.


On the first Sunday of each month – and on some additional Sundays, as well – communion is part of the worship time.

The people of Golden Ears United Church believe that everyone is welcome at Christ’s table. It doesn’t matter how young or old someone is, where they’ve come from, where they’re going; how rich they are, how poor they are; whether they’re a regular at Golden Ears United or here for their first time; male or female, gay or straight, how much they wonder or how much they know; or even whether they profess a faith in Jesus Christ or not – Christ welcomes everyone to his banquet… and so do we.

It is our custom to use gluten-free bread and grape juice (non-alcoholic). People who wish to take part in communion are invited toward the front of the church, where they are served bread and juice (in individual cups). They are welcome to take a moment to take communion and then return to where they were sitting. For individuals who are unable to come to the front of the church, servers move into the congregation.

Sometimes people want to know why we use gluten free bread - for us it's a matter of hospitality and inclusion. You can watch a video our minister made here about why it is important.