We really believe in the power of small groups - it's where we get to really dig into our faith and how we build community. 

The Bible Study Group meets weekly on Thursday mornings from 10 am - 12 pm in the lounge. We dive deep into the different books of the bible, at the moment we are doing a study on 1 John. Everybody's voice matters and it's a great way to both learn and deepen in our relationship with God through these ancient texts. We value everybody's voice and participation, and have really great discussions. We build community in our checking in time and in our closing prayer time. Talk to Leenane our minister if you want to learn more, or just show up any Thursday morning at 10 am. 

We have seasonal study groups in Advent and Lent and for periods of time throughout the year. Some recent groups that have been popular include the Animate series: Faith, Bible, Spirit and Practices. These groups began with an engaging short video, followed by group discussion. There have also been book studies that coordinate with seasonal worship series like Gifts of the Darkwood. We have also had small groups focused on spiritual practices where the focus is not on a book, but on learning and engaging in different spiritual practices like walking a labyrinth and centering prayer. 

Golden Ears United Church has an active Prayer Shawl Ministry team, who knit and crochet beautiful prayer shawls that we offer to anyone who is in need - whether ill or grieving or going through some difficult time in their lives. Over the past few years over 250 prayer shawls have been shared.