All children are welcome! Everyone gathers in the Sanctuary for the first part of the worship service on Sundays at 10 am and after the Learning time the children are invited to join us for Children's Church. 

Relax—God put the wiggles in us-don’t feel you have to suppress them here in God’s house.  Sit where you feel most comfortable—near the front to be able to see and hear; near an exit or up in the balcony, wherever you feel like—if your child needs to leave the service, please free to go with him or her, but please come back!  Explain parts of the service. Help children find their place in the bulletin or in the hymn book. Sing the hymns, pray, voice the responses. Children learn liturgical behaviour by copying yours.  Always remember that the way we welcome children in the church directly affects their experience of faith and . . . the church. 

Sabbath bags are available; they have story books, colouring pages, finger puppets etc to keep your littles ones busy if they prefer to stay in the whole service.

Nursery Care is available and staffed. Elise will be there for those under 5 in the Narthex (Lobby).

Children's Church for ages 5-11 and Youth group for those 12 and up, gather after the Learning time upstairs during the rest of the service.  All children and youth are welcome to gather with a leader each Sunday morning to explore the stories of our faith through a variety of curricula and program resources. Sunday morning sessions focus on working with the stories of our faith; exploring faith practices and rituals and why we do what we do. On communion Sunday’s (the first Sunday of the month) the children and youth will return to the sanctuary to participate in communion.