Youth Group is for teens 12+, we gather in the youth room, on Sunday mornings and soon on Tuesday evenings at Together Tuesdays. We would love to have you join us for discussion and fun!

We will explore a new curriculum called FATHOM. It is such a big word. It feels endless and deep. It's the kind of word that feels like it should only be uttered by James Earl Jones with the bass turned all the way up. Which means it's the perfect word to talk about God who's infinite and awe-inspiring. It's also the perfect word for a book like the Bible that's filled with miracles and inspiration, but also wrestles with stories of violence and pain and loss.

The mission of Fathom is to dive deep into the story of God that we find in the Bible. You'll encounter Scriptures filled with inpiration and encouragement, and you'll also explore passages that are more complicated and challenging. Each lesson will focus on one passage, but will also launch into the larger context of how God's story is being told through that passage. More importantly, each lesson with explore how God's story is intimately tied to our own stories, & how a God who is beyond our imagination can also be a God who loves us deeply and personally.